Scott McBride, aka Embauba trained predominantly in Tucson, AZ starting in 1998 with UCA- Tucson /Capoeira Malandragem under the instruction of Mestre Dondi -Enxu and guidance of Mestre Acordeon, Mestre Ra and Mestra Suelly. Embauba started capoeira in 1996 under Mestre Alcides of Sao Paulo, Brasil with Grupo de Capoeira do Forte in Fort Collins, CO.

Embauba traveled to Brazil for two months in 1997 to immerse in its culture and visit the birthplace of capoeira. He then trained with Capoeira Malandragem for 3 years starting in 1999 before moving to Phoenix, AZ.

His training continued in 2002 in with Capoeira Brasil-Arizona with Professora Borboleta under the guidance of Mestres Boneco and Caxias for about 2 years. After relocating to rural OR, Embauba continued to train in martial arts earning a 1st degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Now residing in Bend, Embauba brings his passion and energy of capoeira to share with central Oregon.