Capoeira 4-week Intro Series

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This 4 week Introductory series will open the door to the world of capoeira. With roots in Africa and a form of martial arts and fighting in Brazil, capoeira has a rich history and combines martial arts, practical philosophy, acrobatics and music. You will begin to learn the kicks, spins and highly mobile techniques as well as the music and instruments signature to capoeira.

The classes will be led by Instrutor Embauba with special guest Mestre Acordeon (week 1) – endorsed by the United Capoeira Association and under guidance of the legendary Mestre Acordeon.

Learn more about capoeira in Bend at

$60 for the series, $20 drop in. 15% discount to all Tula Movement Arts members. Full series participants: option to continue for the final 2 October Capoeira classes at Sortor Karate for FREE!

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